HHW - Alternative Sites

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Alternative Collection Sites

General Information:

  • Alternative HHW Collection Sites are offered, but at the expense of the Town of Sherborn.  
  • You are required to have a permission slip to access another town's HHW collection day.
  • Please contact the Sherborn Select Board office at 508-651-7850 to arrange for permission to utilize an alternative HHW collection service.

Charles River Consortium Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days - 2023


  • Medfield
    • March 25: 9am to 1pm. Medfield Town Garage, 55 North Meadows Road
  • Ashland
    • May 6: 9am to 1pm at Ashland DPW, 20 Ponderosa Road
  • Walpole
    • May 6: Walpole 9am to 12pm at Walpole's Fisher School, 65 Gould Street
  • Norfolk
    • April 1-September 30: Wednesdays 10am to 4pm at Norfolk Recycling / Transfer Station, 33 Medway Branch
  • Bellingham
    • July 8: 9am to 1pm at Bellingham Middle School, 130 Blackstone Street
  • Holliston
    • July 22: 8am to 12pm at Holliston's Woodland Street Schools, Woodland Street
  • Sherborn
    • November 11: 8am to 12pm at Sherborn DPW / Highway Garage, 7 Butler Street
  • Franklin
    • Year-round, Fridays and Saturdays 8am-3pm and Sundays 9-1 at Franklin Recycling Center, 455 Beaver Street
    • April to November (Only): Tuesdays 12pm - 3pm at Franklin Recycling Center, 455 Beaver Street

Reminder: A permission slip issued at Sherborn Select Board office is needed for Sherborn residents to utilize the services of other listed towns.