Farm Pond Gate Management Policy

Gate Management Policy (September 26, 2019)

Gate Management

Access to boats entering the Pond should be limited to times when the water at the bath house is turned on so the boats and trailers can be washed before entering the Pond and a Ranger/Gate Guard can be present to check for a boat permit.


November 1st to April 1st - Off Season- When there is no staff on duty, the main gate should be open from dawn to dusk, weather permitting to provide access to fishermen without boats and other users. The Landing Gate and Inner gate will be close to prevent boats from accessing the Pond.

April 1st - the water should be turned on at the bathhouse. The Ranger does not need to report to duty until boats are allowed. The inner gate shall be opened when the Ranger/Gate Guard is present and closed when he/she leaves.

In May when the season officially opens, the Ranger will open the main gate and inner gate and the Fishermen will be allowed to park in the landing lot from 6 am to 9 am without a parking sticker. During the "Official Season" staff will be on the property from 9 am to 8:30 pm (dusk) all gates will be closed when staff leaves the premises. Parking Stickers/Passes will be needed to park in the Reservation.

Fall- When lifeguard staff has left, the Rangers will be scheduled for additional hours for part or full day coverage until November 1st. The landing and inner gates should be locked when the Ranger is not present to inspect the boats.


Reservation Rules and Regulations must be strictly enforced all year long. These Rules are designed to protect the environment and the safety of the users. Town Bylaws specifically give the Rangers the authority to issue tickets to violators and they should be encouraged to do so. The committee also suggested that everyone that comes in for a sticker should also be given a copy of the Rules and Regulations.