Do I need a sticker for the Transfer Station/Recycling Center?

Sample Transfer Station StickerTransfer Station Stickers: Sherborn Residents Only

Transfer Station Stickers are free. For each sticker, a copy of the registration for each car is required.

For a car that is company owned or leased, a copy of the insurance or lease agreement is also required showing both VIN and the Sherborn resident's name and address.

If you do not have a current sticker you may be prevented from disposing of your waste and recyclables and you may be prevented from leaving items at the Swap Shop.

2021 Transfer Station Stickers are available from the Select Board office by mail. Mail a photocopy of your current automobile registration, along with your request for a Transfer Station Only sticker, including your contact information and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to: Town of Sherborn Select Board Office, 19 Washington Street, Sherborn, MA 01770. Allow reasonable time for response. When you receive your sticker, please post it visibly on a driver's side rear car window of the vehicle you plan to use at the station. A vehicle without a current sticker may be prohibited from leaving refuse at the station.

When the Town Hall opens again, please come to the Select Board Office, Town Hall from Monday through Thursday 9 am to 4 pm, or Friday 9 am to noon. You can all call Selectmen's Office for more information: 508-651-7850

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