Who is Hap Ruane?

Hap RuaneHap Ruane was the long-time manager of the Sherborn Transfer Station and before that of the Sherborn Landfill. He oversaw the operations until his death in 2001. He was one of the original members of the Sherborn Recycling Committee and someone who believed in recycling long before it was popular. For many years when Sherborn was quite small, he drove Ruane and Father's one and only rubbish truck, servicing those residents himself who preferred to pay for private service rather than go to the landfill themselves. As Sherborn grew, his sons Mike and Billy joined him, driving and working at the Transfer Station.

Hap was quite a character. He loved old cars, and always had one fixed up and decorated for the fourth of July parade. He was very creative, and built sculptures out of scrap metal that used to adorn the hill (often referred to as Mt. Ruane) that is the capped landfill. In his later years as he became more infirm, he used to make his way around the Transfer Station in an old beat up golf cart, but no matter how he was feeling, he never missed a day when the Transfer Station was open. He entertained many visitors in his headquarters, old mobile home on the transfer station site where he always had the TV on, which didn't distract him at all from seeing a car without a sticker. Those residents who didn't know him and were "caught" thought he was a curmudgeon, but everyone who knew him loved him dearly.

Hap and his wife Jo'an lived on Hollis street with their children Roxanne, John, and Jimmy. When Roxanne married Ron Buckler they never moved out. Ron went to work for Hap driving the Ruane and Father trucks and working at the Transfer Station. Through their shared activities, Ron grew as close as a son. After Jo'an's death, Hap continued to live on Hollis street with Bucklers and their children until he died. In 2004, the Recycling committee decided to rededicate the Recycling area in Hap's name.

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