When should I dial 911?

You should dial 911 to report a fire, any type of medial situation, crimes in progress, or any type of suspicious activity. We ask that you do not use it to report a lost/found dog, power outages, or request school closing information. The Sherborn Police Department responds to ALL 911 Calls, including hang-ups and misdials.

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1. So what happens when I dial 911 in Sherborn?
2. Why am I being asked where the emergency is if you already have the information?
3. Why do all 911 calls go to the Police Station?
4. When should I dial 911?
5. What should I know when calling 911?
6. What happens if I dial 911 from a cell phone?
7. Can using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) connection change the information sent when I dial 911?
8. Can I place a test 911 call?