So what happens when I dial 911 in Sherborn?

Sherborn uses a system called e911 (Enhanced 911), a system that has become a standard in Massachusetts, and in most of the country. When you dial 911 from any land line phone in Sherborn, your call should be routed directly to the Sherborn Police Department, who can then dispatch the proper Police, Fire, or Medical Response. The system has built in redundancies, so if there was a problem with the Sherborn 911 system, the call would be forwarded to a sister-department, in our case, the Dover Police Department.

When the call is answered, the e911 system provides the call taker with what is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and ALI (Automatic Location Identification) information, when available. This information provides dispatch with the phone number, and location of the calling party, however one of the first questions asked by the call-taker will be where the emergency is taking place.

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1. So what happens when I dial 911 in Sherborn?
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