Sherborn's Historic Asset Survey

Bull-Phipps House at 70 Washington StreetWelcome to the Sherborn Historic Assets Survey

The Sherborn Historical Commission is pleased to provide you this survey of Sherborn's Historic Assets, consisting of the 1981 survey of historical properties, the 1999 survey update adding landscapes and outbuildings, and other related documents.

The material at this website is based upon the Massachusetts Historical Commission survey data prepared for the Sherborn Historical Commission by consultants Edward W Gordon in 1981 and Sanford Johnson in 1999. Where applicable the 1999 survey update has been combined with the 1981 survey data to form one comprehensive report for each property. The material is basically the same as originally prepared except for corrections of errors, additions of some new material, and elimination of some photographs and maps to conserve limited disk space. Photographs and maps will be added when more disk space becomes available.

Copies of the original 1981 and 1999 survey reports are available at the Sherborn Library.

We expect that many of you who visit this site will have personal knowledge of the properties described here and will know of additional material about them which would expand our knowledge and understanding of their history and the context of the times in which they existed. A mailer is provided below to facilitate sending material to us. While sources and references are desired for corroborating new material, please do not hesitate to provide anecdotal material to us - it may match up with other such material and improve or change our perspective on our history.

The Historical Commission works closely with the Sherborn Historical Society and will share any new information we receive with them.

We thank past members of the Sherborn Historical Commission and Sherborn Historical Society for their countless hours of work in researching, collecting and preparing the data that resulted in the survey reports. Special thanks and appreciation go to Betsy Johnson of the Historical Society for her immense contributions to the surveys and her recent and on-going efforts in reviewing and updating the material on this website. We also thank our webmaster, Ed Perry, for his work preparing this material for presentation on this website.

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