Cemetery Commission

Pine Hill Cemetery GateMembers

  • Chuckie Blaney, Commission Chair
  • Eugene Ham, Commissioner
  • Ellen Heffron, Commissioner

Mission Statement

The Cemetery Commission is charged with burying the dead in a caring and timely manner with as little disruption and discomfort as possible for the families and friends of the deceased. This is, and will continue to be, our primary function. In addition, it is important we insure the care and respect of Pine Hill while preserving the Town's heritage at the seven other cemeteries for which we are responsible.

For the benefit of all and to prevent further damage to gravestones, we remind everyone that dogs are not permitted in any Sherborn cemetery. In addition, we ask that patrons remove all containers, wreaths, etc. from their lots in a timely manner. Please take these home to recycle or dispose of them.

Water is now available for patrons to Pine Hill Cemetery. The Fire Department has installed a spigot for water in the back of Station 1 at 22 North Main Street.

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