Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps was created following the delay in the Federal response to September 11th and Hurricane Katrina. The Sherborn MRC is a part of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Region 4A Medical Reserve Corps.

One of the many duties of the Board of Health is the development and training of the volunteer Sherborn Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). Development of the MRC is ongoing, and we welcome both medical (clinical) and non-medical (administrative) volunteers. Volunteers are under no obligation to respond, and you may limit your response to Sherborn incidents only. If you wish to help out in surrounding towns, Region 4AB, statewide, or even nationally, those opportunities are also available (such as the ice storm in December 2008).

Medical Reserve Corps volunteers could be deployed by the Board of Health to staff the regional Emergency Dispensing Site and administer vaccines, dispense antibiotics, and offer other support services to the Board of Health and the town in the event of a local or regional disaster or incident. Over 24 Sherborn volunteers provided invaluable assistance to the Board of Health at seven H1N1 vaccination clinics held in town between October 2009 and January 2010. The MRC can also support the Board of Health during non-emergency situations, such as the local seasonal flu clinic, as well as at community functions and events.

Join the Sherborn Medical Reserve Corps: Contact the Board of Health (BOH) office at 508-651-7852 to obtain an application for this very important community service.